• Report

    Get a report after the walk with all information you need about your activity, and if you want, you can share it on social network.

  • Graphs

    Analyze your data with graphs for distance, time and calories burned, in 3 different intervals (week, month and year).

  • Voice Feature

    To help you to know number of steps you walked, calories burned, distance and walking time, when the smartphone is in your pocket, voice feature is there for you in pedometer.

  • BMI Calculator

    Calculate your BMI.

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  • Personal Records

    See your personal records.

  • Daily Goal

    Set your daily goal. You decide what is right for you, and the pedometer will help you to achieve it. Pedometer automatically record your steps, distance, speed, active time and calories burned all day, and notify you when you achieve it.

  • Motivation

    Our pedometer app motivate you to walk more by giving you task to achieve.

  • Themes

    Our pedometer application has 4 beautiful themes.

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Clients Feedback



Its fantastic app. Easy to use. Thanks for giving me such types of good app..;!



Useful app. It very small size and easy to use. I can use every day when i walking. Thank you.



Great functionality and design. A simple and easy to use design make this a great app to use.



Excelente el mejor podómetro en toda la historia excente el mejor podómetro del android.



Pretty cool app. Helps me to track my progress while working out. very useful!



Love this app. Useful pedometer. Nice app. Simple to use.