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GPS Troubleshooting Guide


If your distance is not being tracked, it is probably due to a GPS problem. Unfortunately, we cannot control the GPS signal and we are aware that sometimes it takes a while to get a signal. Many phones have trouble getting a GPS signal indoors, so it often helps to go outside. High buildings and poor weather conditions can result in unstable GPS coverage. If the problem persists do the following:

First, ensure you are using the latest version of our app. Many devices have special GPS behaviors, and the latest version of the app handles these behaviors the best.

Next, ensure that you have enabled GPS on your Android device. Instructions on how to do this are below.

Next, ensure that you have gave Zeopoxa app permission to use GPS on your Android device. Instructions on how to do this are below.

Enabling GPS Tracking on Your Device:

Granting Zeopoxa app Permission to Use Your Location:

When you first install the Zeopoxa app, we will ask your permission to use Location Services. Double check this permission has been granted by:

If you are still having GPS issues after the steps above, try these additional steps that are known to resolve almost all issues:

If you do experience a weak GPS signal and your activity tracking appears inaccurate, don’t forget you can always edit your activity manually

Why do other apps show my location but yours does not?

Please be aware that just because other apps like the "Maps" app or our app may show your location on the map, this does not mean that your device has a GPS signal or a GPS location fix has been obtained or that it is functioning properly. Other apps may use cellular network or Wi-Fi based estimates to show your location on the map, these estimates are not sufficient for tracking activities like walking, running or riding.

Why does your app not work with my device's GPS?

Android only allows our app to turn your device's GPS hardware on and off. Our app does not have permission from Android to diagnose and fix issues. The quality and time taken to find a GPS signal is dependent on your Android device and its manufacturer.

Treadmill, Indoor Cycling

Please note that if you're using one of the above sports, the app cannot track your distance because you're physically remaining in the same place. If you are using one of these sports, you can add the workout manually by going to "History" and tapping the +button. You can then enter the workout details from the computer on the treadmill.

Distance vary on same route/is different to my friends’ phone

The GPS hardware in the phones can differ from phone to phone. Some phones are better at picking up the satellite signals and pinpointing the actual position and are therefore, more accurate than others. It is always possible that wrong track points will be picked up by the phone. To minimize the error margin, we filter all track points to remove as many errors as possible. In general, distance tracked by GPS should only vary within 0-2% if there is a good satellite signal

Max speed is too high on workout

The max speed shown is too high on my workout details, why is this? The speed is calculated from the track points we collect through the GPS. But since GPS is not 100 % accurate it can pick up track points that are a bit off. This will mean that the GPS thinks you have moved farther than you have, which results in a higher max speed. We try to filter out these track points to get a more accurate route and speed, but this is not always possible. The max speed can look very high sometimes, but the average speed should still be correct as the max speed error is only in accordance with one track point.

Total ascended/descended elevation - calculation method

To calculate the total ascended and descended elevation we sum up all the ascents and descents the GPS picks up while tracking. Ascended and descended elevation is calculated for all sports where we have elevation data. Manually entered workouts will not include elevation data. Due to GPS errors we try to filter out any fast occurring changes that seem unlikely, but this can also result in an underestimation of the elevation ascended/descended. We will continuously work on improving this as GPS devices become more accurate.Altitude from GPS data can be inaccurate by about +/- 25 meters / 80 feet at each track point.